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Global Blue Technologies’ mission is to establish an ethical, environmentally sustainable, and globally competitive American aquaculture industry via its proprietary, bio-secure, re-circulating aquaculture system.  After more than a decade of research and an investment in excess of US $80 million, GBT created at Taft, Texas the world’s first commercially viable bio-secure RAS aquaculture center for the production of the highest quality, highest value, and best-tasting organic colossal and extra colossal Penaeus vannamei shrimp

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“Texas Farm Girl” Learns about Aquaculture!

First Ever Aquaculture Book for Children “Texas Farm Girl Aquaculture Farming” is the first of its kind, a true children’s book on “farming in water” for parents and children.  Award winning children’s book Author, Rebecca [...]

Eduardo Figueras Named WAS Ambassador

The Latin American and Caribbean Chapter of the World Aquaculture Society honored Eduardo Figueras, chief geneticist and head of worldwide production for the Global Blue Technologies – Cameron family of companies by naming him its [...]

Sea Products Development LLC Adds Broodstock Development Center

  The completion of the new Sea Products Development (SPD) Broodstock Development Center (BDC) marks the first phase of SPD’s planned multi-million dollar expansion. Upon completion, SPD foresees its emergence as the most advanced and [...]

Dr. Tim Aberson – GBT Investments Division Uniquely Qualified for Aquaculture’s New Paradigm

Striving for excellence is a personal trait flowing through the genetic fabric of Dr. Timothy “Tim” Aberson and his family.  It is most definitely one of the key characteristics that drive his personal quest for [...]

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Global Blue Technologies has some limited opportunities for qualified investors. We also welcome inquiries about our domestic and international franchising, and partnership opportunities through GBT’s franchising coordinator.

Global Blue Technologies (GBT) is in the business of producing, processing, marketing, and selling high quality, pathogen-free, organic, Colossal and Extra Colossal size, Penaeus vannamei shrimp. The business is predicated on a “state-of-the-art” proprietary, bio-secure production system enabled by approximately $80 million of research and development and more than a decade of research by world-class shrimp experts. Its key attribute is its proprietary, proven protocol resulting in a highly sustainable enterprise that virtually eliminates all the catastrophic events experienced in the traditional open air pond technology.

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