(Corpus Christi, Texas) After a whirlwind tour in March of potential farm sites, meetings in Japan, GBT Chairman David K. Wills and team in Texas received Honorable Sannoshin Arai.

Mr. Arai is a life-long advocate of the absolute importance that every food product available in his homeland regardless of the source must be of the highest quality, ethically produced and environmentally sustainable. His personal knowledge of the science and technology of the GBT aquaculture system is the basis for his support of GBT establishing an initial footprint in Japan.

On April 9th, Mr. Arai flew from Tokyo, and, with his Washington DC associate, Yoshihiro Kato, arrived in Corpus Christi, Texas to discuss strategies for GBT- International building a shrimp production facility in Japan.

During the second day of the visit, Mr. Arai and Mr. Kato received updates on the GBT technology and toured the most recent progress in the development and construction of GBT’s Texas facility. Mr. Arai and Mr. Kato were thoroughly amazed and impressed by the scale and combination of the advanced technology employed by GBT. They expressed great enthusiasm and renewed their pledge to support GBT bringing the finest quality, truly “green” shrimp to Japan.

They were given the honor of being the last visitors to GBT’s bio-secure production module before stocking and its being closed to any but GBT production staff.