Myanmar, since its first civilian government in 50 years took office in March of this year, is working towards restoring that nation to its former status as one of the environmental and economic jewels of Southeast Asia.  Toward that end two emissaries representing the USAID Sustainable Seafood Development Project for Myanmar/Burma visited Global Blue Technologies’ Taft, Texas innovative aquaculture complex.


U Soe Tun, of the Myanmar Fisheries Federation, and Dr. Kevin Fitzsimmons, project director, toured the Perciformes Group’s finfish R&D facility, Sea Product Development’s hatchery, and GBT-Cameron’s shrimp production domes.  Dr. Fitzsimmons also holds a professorship specializing in aquaculture and internatonal agriculture development with the University of Arizona.


GBT’s emphasis on environmental stewardship, bio-security, and high volume/high value production are traits the Myanmar government seeks to establish in its emerging economy and are compatible with that nation’s goal of becoming a competitive participant in the modern global economy.