The evolution of Global Blue Technologies, in no small part, owes its path to some wonderfully penned books that brought into focus what many of us within GBT had been seeing around the world for decades, to wit: the destruction and degradation of the world’s oceans and the indiscriminate taking of the rich array of marine life contained within those waters. 

Those books include “Cod” by Mark Kurlansky published in1997; “The Most Important Fish in The Sea” by H. Bruce Franklin published in 2007; “The Secret Life of Lobsters” by Trevor Corson published in 2003; “The Founding Fish” by John McPhee in 2003; “Caviar” by Inga Saffron in 2003; and, of course, “Cannibals with Forks” by John Elkington published in 1998.  Each of these and more helped frame GBT and its culture and its mission.

If you want to understand the passion and drive we all feel for this company and the GBT family, these are just a few volumes of background reading you might delve into some day.  Each is a truly “good read.”  And, each will leave you viewing the seafood you eat, the places you visit on vacation, as well as the oceans, bays, rivers and lakes around us in an entirely new and inquisitively illuminating light.

As we move forward to expand GBT’s technology globally we are determined to make a positive difference in the way human beings treat the planet.

There are many great ills affecting our planet because of human ignorance or apathy or greed.  Each is worthy of our focus as a species that must try and do better than we have to protect and cherish this Earth.

For a multitude of reasons, some planned and some accidental, the original founders of what has morphed into GBT today decided to focus on the oceans and the food we take to feed the nearly 8 billion people and billions more of agricultural animals living with us on Earth.

One observation that underscores that decision is the statement that in truth “earth the planet” should have been named “water the planet” as 75% of this globe is indeed a watery environment. 

As we move forward you will be reading what we hope will be for you very exciting and encouraging stories about what GBT can and will do to make that difference.

Ours has not been an easy path and like so many other successes in life, in hindsight it is clear that luck and stubbornness has played a large if not THE larger role in our success than did genius or strategic planning.

 GBT’s ethos is simple and straightforward:  “Treat people as you would truly like to be treated and build a company that is deadly serious about the triple bottom line – to be profitable; truly sustainable and to always promote social equity.”

We may not be able to change the world but we sincerely believe GBT can show the world a way to change.

To all of you – staff, investors, friends, and family – who have supported and continue to support this vision and who believed and continue to believe in our worldview, no words can ever express how much we appreciate your faith, support and trust.

We are poised to have a break out year in 2017. So, from all of us to you we send our deepest thank you and appreciation, from us to you.