The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) issued Global Blue Technologies (GBT) its “Exotic Species” permit paving the way for Texas and the Nation to experience firsthand GBT’s “game changing” shrimp aquaculture technology.

Effective April 15th, the Exotic Species Permit entitles GBT to legally purchase, transport, and raise in Texas non-native Pacific White shrimp (Penaeus vannamei), arguably the finest tasting of the 342 shrimp species the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) considers commercially significant.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department personnel closely monitored the progress of Global Blue Technologies since 2011 when the company opened its R&D/demonstration facility in Port Isabel, Texas. There GBT demonstrated its ability to grow shrimp larger, faster and more economically than any aquaculture system in the United States or abroad.

On April 11th, TPWD officials inspected the new GBT commercial site and determined its technology protected the Texas environment from any potential threat by the non-native species of shrimp GBT will grow.

Now with its “Exotic Species” permit in hand, GBT’s 170 acre site on the shores of Copano Bay in Taft, Texas, will be stocking its bio-secure, covered ponds with the finest pathogen-free PLs (tiny Post Larvae shrimp).

With thanks to the dedicated TPWD personnel, GBT is poised to bring the moribund U.S. shrimp aquaculture industry into the 21st Century.

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