Environmental stewardship was the topic of interest during a meeting at Global Blue Technologies offices with Rebecca Crownover and Jud Hill October 4-5.


GBT is in the planning stages of turning roughly 100 acres of undeveloped land within its aquaculture campus at Taft, Texas into a Natural biofilter/Conservancy to revitalize its recirculating pond water using native Texas plants and aquatic life.   Once the water flowing from the GBT shrimp production ponds as well as its affiliated hatchery makes its way through a naturally cleansing and filtering gauntlet of oysters, clams, sea grasses and mangroves it will be treated by a series of mechanical filters before being reintroduced into the system’s man-made pipeline.


Ms. Crownover is the author of the award-winning “Texas Farm Girl” children’s book series whose latest work introducing youngsters to GBT aquaculture will be published in early 2017.  She is also a director of the International Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources (IFCNR).  Jud Hill is managing partner of Ecological Service Partners, chairman of the Anacostia River Keepers and trustee of the Water Keeper Alliance.



GBT officials invited Ms. Crownover and Mr. Hill to discuss their proposal to donate the land in question as well as the design and management of the Conservancy/Natural Bio-filer to IFCNR.  Once completed the Conservancy/Natural Biofilter will serve as an environmentally responsible way other land-based aquaculture ventures whether recirculating or flow-through can better care for the water and land were they operate.