The Honorable Sannoshin Arai: Opening the Door To Asia

(Corpus Christi, Texas) After a whirlwind tour in March of potential farm sites, meetings in Japan, GBT Chairman David K. Wills and team in Texas received Honorable Sannoshin Arai. Mr. Arai is a life-long advocate of the absolute importance that every food product available in his homeland regardless of the source must be of the [...]

July 14th, 2016|Aquaculture, GBT-International, Japan, Sustainable Aquaculture|

GBT Inks First International Project: Japan

GBT-International is honored to announce the signing of a joint-venture agreement to build a shrimp aquaculture facility using the GBT technology in Japan. This will be the first GBT facility located outside of the United States. Contracts were signed after nearly a year of intense discussions with and in-person visits to GBT’s operations in Texas [...]

July 14th, 2016|GBT-International|